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SL Basics by Shaista Lodhi

SL Basics Charcoal & Sea Salt Scrub, 200ml

- Cleanses skin
- Unclogs pores
- Removes deeper impurities
- Exfoliates dead skin cells

A must have beauty staple for skinsin need of a thorough deep cleansing. Our Charcoal and sea salt scrub contains activated charcoal and Sea salt both of which are excellent toxins and dirt absorbers. Our scrub delivers following;

  • Nourishes the skin while retaining the moisture lost through its vital sea minerals
  • Exfoliates and rids off toxins and dead skin cells gently
  • Discourages bacterial growth which helps in prevention of breakouts and future acne
  • Activated charcoal deep cleanses pores and removes blackheads and whiteheads

How to use:

With you face thoroughly rinsed & wet, dispense coin sized amount into your palm.

Evenly apply to your face & neck, gently massage in a circular motion for 20-3 seconds

For better results, leave it for few minutes before washing your face


Dead Sea Salt, Organic Barbadensis, Charcoal, Xanthan Gum, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Kukui Nut

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